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Welcome! This is the PixelFed instance of Bolha.io Community. We're a Portuguese/English community; Feel free to join us ;) Visit our site Bolha.io to find out more about us. # TL;DR Bolha.io is a community formed by IT people for IT People. It's a safe community with a strict code of conduct. Our community loves to talk about Dev, Ops, GitOps, CI/CD, IaC, Containers, Cloud Native, Kubernetes, and IT infrastructure. We also love to talk about life, the universe, nerd stuff, cats, dogs, and more :) Check our complete rules and conduct code here: - https://notes.bolha.tools/s/vqhZo4DdB # Status Page - status.bolha.us :)


  1. No hacking
  2. No violence
  3. No fascism
  4. No colonialism
  5. No white supremacy
  6. No religious extremism
  7. No nationalism
  8. No racism
  9. No homophobia
  10. No transphobia
  11. Safe Space: LGTBQIA+
  12. Safe Space: neurodivergent (ADHD, Autism, etc.)
  13. Don't break the law.

For more information, please review our Terms of Use

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